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The WinCC OLE-DB Provider makes it possible to directly access the archive data that WinCC stored in the Microsoft SQL Server database (alarms, process values, user data). In this connection, you can even use statistic functions.

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May 06, 2009 · Corrupt SQL Database stopping Project, Best fix? We have a WinCC project that is running on two PCs to control the operations of our Abatement Plant. However a couple of weeks ago one PC died due to a overheated PSU (too much dust destroyed the fan.. eugh).


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In the world of Industry 4.0, any data collected from industry is now required to transfer data to integrated structures rather than being stored in local systems. These systems are combined to IT terms such as AWS, Azure, Mongo DB, restfull api, json. Thus, with your data, business intelligence software is easy to follow up […] The Nested Set model is appropriate where the tree element and one or two attributes are the only data, but is a poor choice when more complex relational data exists for the elements in the tree. Given an arbitrary starting depth for a category of 'Vehicles' and a child of 'Cars' with a child of 'Mercedes', a foreign key table relationship must ...

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The logical data model conveys the “logical functioning and structure” of the database and describes ‘how the data is stored’ (e.g., what tables are used, what constraints are applied) but ... To dump a database into a file, you use the .dump command. The .dump command converts the entire structure and data of an SQLite database into a single text file. By default, the .dump command outputs the SQL statements on screen. To issue the output to a file, you use the .output FILENAME command.

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