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UiPath Studio – a tool that enables you to design automation processes in a visual manner, through diagrams. UiPath Robot - executes the processes built in Studio, as a human would. UiPath Orchestrator - a web application that enables you to deploy, schedule, monitor and manage Robots and processes.

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A better and more general solution is to wait for the application’s loading icon to disappear, in case it exists. An On Image Vanish activity can be used for this purpose, allowing the automation to continue only when the loading icon vanishes. A bad practice in waiting for an application to load is adding a Delay activity to your project.


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Jun 26, 2018 · Like you mentioned, if you need to wait for 10 mins, use a generous 20 mins Timeout value, so that UiPath will wait for 20 mins for the image to disappear. Note: 20 mins should be entered in milliseconds as 20000 in Timeout property. Sep 04, 2017 · Now UiPath coming into action based on the below script preparation steps using automated record option. Please refer the below link for Video tutorials and User Guide to try UiPath community edition in your machine;

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You’ll see that things will still slow down when you load past our best practice recommendation, but at least you’ll keep demand lower per database. When you have larger amounts of records and you have to wait for SQL to return queries, you start to sacrifice the “monitoring” aspect of analytics, because you can’t see things in real-time. UiPath Platform. Get the only platform built for hyperautomation. Everything you need to build and manage automation enterprise-wide. Start now with the free UiPath ...

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UiPath.Core.Activities.WaitAttribute Waits for the value of a specified UI element attribute to be equal to a string. If you want to wait for a specific element to be enabled or not, please use this activity or the Get Attribute one, coupled with the aastate attribute, for example. Properties Input ...

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