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There are more complications with a special meaning for a reversed Tarot card in the Celtic Cross or other spreads. Usually, divination by the Tarot is done by someone for another, who sits at the opposite side of the table. So, what's reversed for one is regular for the other. Confusion ensues.

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Nov 23, 2016 · The Celtic Cross can give a wealth of information about a particular situation but it also lends well to general outlooks or closing spreads, which is why I think it’s particularly brilliant. This series is intended to help take the fear out of it – and help you discover tips ‘n tweaks so that you can get the hang of it once and for all.


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The upright Empress Tarot card Celtic Cross meaning in position one of the Celtic Cross spread is that reading about reclaiming yourself and what is important to you. The time has come to return to love, that fundamental human destiny. This can be, but need not be romantic love, however. Romantic love in and of itself is not a human destiny. deeper meaning larger picture fundamental pattern all-embracing point of view soul purpose underlying context what's really going on unknown factor hidden influence unrecognized contribution undiscovered participant concealed agenda behind-the-scenes machinations Other Celtic Cross Positions: The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread is one of the most commonly used spreads by Tarot readers. Each Card Position in the Celtic Cross Pattern signifies a different meaning. The position in the pattern where the Knight of Wand is drawn will influence what the Tarot is trying to tell you about Love:

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Learning the Celtic Cross: The Breakdown. If you search “learn the Celtic Cross Tarot spread” online, you’ll find many different takes on it. I’m using a slightly modified version of the original – with a few position names changed and moved for clarity. Should I use a Significator Card? The Significator cardis optional.

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