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1) scan the content using different Regex patterns. 2) store the original caret's position, so we can go back from where we started, after the highlighting is done. 3) focus another control - this is a trick that I know from a friend, you have to do this to avoid the blinking effect. 4) highlight! - simply changing the SelectionColor…

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Testing Components with Lightning Testing Service Debugging Performance Reference ... It can also be a JavaScript object, a component or collection, a controller method such as an action method, and other useful results. There is a second expression syntax: {#expression}.


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Rambling. I’m finally catching up on some of the ideas and takeaways from the PowerShell Summit.One of the fun oh, I have to try that! ideas came up when Chris Duck and Jason Morgan started chatting about something called RabbitMQ, a messaging solution. Chrome Extension Reveals Upcoming Amazon Lightning Deals I regularly follow Amazon Lightning Deals because they can turn up some big savings if you’re in the market for what they have to offer. From that point of view they are like except that Woot tries to focus on just one deal a day (with the exception of Woot-offs).

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httppushrgb and regex I have a WLED device I want to control with homebridge, but the wled simple plugin cannot control segments. I want the 2 leg segments to show up as 2 lights. Mar 11, 2019 · Lightning Talk: Intro to React Hooks with Orlondo Rue Featured Talk Abstract: Regular Expressions (regex) are a powerful pattern matching tool you can use for everything from find-and-replace, to ... rent
I have a validation function in lightning component that works on regex. I have a regular expression to check existance of special symbols but I am not able to save my js controller with that regular expression.

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