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2. 22r distributor with the GM ignition conversion. some dude said it adds performance. i like that its cheap as poop but also it seems like it leads into some weird problem like the modules failing cause of heat and yeah. 3. complete 20r / 22r electronic ignition set up. this is probably the best but also the most costly.

22r gm ignition conversion

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The Breakerless SE allows you to convert any 1957 to 1974 GM, AMC or Jeep V8 breaker point type distributor (with a windowed type distributor cap) to a reliable solid-state electronic ignition, utilizing a fully integrated trigger and power module that fits completely inside the distributor.


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The Breakerless-SE™ (Part #38131) single wire ignition kit is designed to convert all 1957-74 GM / Delco V8 distributors, equipped with window-style distributor cap, screw-on type rotor, stock coil, and single or dual points, to solid-state electronic ignition. Jun 24, 2009 · This project is an ignition module design to replace the stock unit for a 1980 Honda CB 750 C motorcycle using aftermarket GM ignition coils commonly found on Chevy Cavaliers and many other GM cars instead of the stock coils. It also uses two GM HEI igniter modules.

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May 24, 2019 · Hello friends My 71 small block Stroker is having issues. Weak spark at idle, currently running factory electronic ignition with a chrome ECU. Frying coils and ecu every few months. I need a good reliable combination. Looked at MSD, FBO and Rev-n-ator systems. Who has a success story? Prefer to...

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For example, with a 6 cylinder having a firing order of 123456 (GM 60° V6), you would connect coil A to 1&4, coil C to 2&5, coil B to 3&6. On EDIS6, coil A is connected to pin 10 of the EDIS module, coil B is connected to pin 11 of the EDIS module, and coil C is connected to pin 12 of the EDIS module.

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