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Time for a home brew upgrade then. The tools and software are available out there. However, at 200+ HP the 1VD-FTE has a lot of power as it is. There is plenty of torque as well, available at low rpm; the curve is flat. Juan

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The 1VD-FTV engine’s turbocharger is water-cooled, for increased reliability. The inlet air passes through an air-cooled intercooler and separate throttle valves for each cylinder bank, before reaching the inlet ports. A crossover pipe balances the exhaust pressure between the two cylinder banks, to ensure efficient turbocharger operation.


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Jun 20, 2016 · Theory: Toyota Landcruiser 200 series, VDJ200R V8 4.5 litre Commonrail 1VD-FTV Diesel EGR Blank/Delete/Reduce. Why I did what I did or the theory behind it. Mine is a story of failed-forum-read-theory mixed with courage-through-impulse-driven-mods p... toyota hilux n70 1kd-ftv 2006 2015 pv609dpk toyota hilux n80 1gd-ftv 2015 on pv628dpk toyota fortuner 1gd-ftv 2015 on pv628dpk toyota landcruiser 70 series 1vd-ftv 2007 on pv615dpk toyota landcruiser 200 series 1vd-ftv 2008 on pv614dpk toyota prado 120 series 1kd-ftv/1kz-te 2003 2009 coming soon toyota prado kdj150/155r1kd-ftv 2009 2015 pv631dpk

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Oct 04, 2008 · The standard engine has more than enough performance for towing, highway work, off-road, etc. It's the best engine diesel or otherwise I've ever had or driven ... The ARMAX range has been developed to provide more air flow to the air box when compared to a standard intake or traditional Safari snorkel. Featuring a 4″ air ram and wider body, the ARMAX snorkel is suited for drivers wanting higher performance from their off road vehicle and works in harmony with all existing and future performance modifications.

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NEW OEM IHI RHV4 Turbo Toyota 200 Series Land Cruiser 1VD-FTV 4.5L V-D20080 VB36 ... GT3076 .63 A/R Anti Surge T3 Flange V-Band High Performance Turbo TurboCharger ... Cutaway model Toyota Lexus 4 5L V8 1VD FTV engine

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